Tips and Tricks for Turning Day Into Night

Stock image number DSD-0056 was shot originally for the show as a day image only.

The Art Department realized they needed a day to night drop as the story shifted. They asked Drop Shop Digital’s talented matte painters to render a night image from the day scene only. Pictured below is an example of the final rendering. Using existing stock night imagery, and matching perspectives of the different elevations, they created a crisp day to night translight.

The show was so pleased with the results the UPM and producers asked Drop Shop Digital to shoot all their custom drops moving forward.

Shortly after we rolled into the next show, capturing a true day to night translight of Grand Central Station from across the street, seven floors up. Resulting in drop DSD-0083 20’ x 100’

Tips & Tricks

Period piece, and seasonal change. DSD-0222

The original photography, included heavy amounts of snow and unwanted modern elements. The drop was designed to take place at the same location set in 1963. That means, no fiber optic cables, no satellite dishes attached to the awnings of the homes, and any LED lighting would also need removal, only keeping the mercury and sodium vapor lamps along with warm incandescent interior lighting.

The result was a success, transforming this neighborhood into the middle-class suburban utopia of the 1960’s complete with white picket fences and sandstone walkways.