Drop Shop offers professional location photography services using state-of-the-art Phase One IQ3 100 Mega Pixels of resolution. Our Cameras provide the highest resolution available. We work with clients each step of the way to meet exact needs and specifications. All photos can be edited and customized during the post process to fit your artistic vision. Our photographic services include:
  • Expert photography and complete knowledge in all situations.
  • Instant approval process Drop Shop’s Secure server gives all clients 24 hour access to their personal secure folder allowing instant edits or last minute decisions to be made while still on location (move a little to the left, or make sure you get that church steeple in the shot!)
  • Allowing the client to be present with us wherever the location, is a service pioneered seamlessly by Drop Shop.
  • Color correction: Lighting and color swatches are always taken while on location. Exact color matching and local color accuracy is crucial in the beginning stages.
  • Digital manipulation/compositing
  • For the pesky car or cars that wouldn’t move (even as the “no parking” signs are present) we have that covered!
  • Our digital compositing specialists are trained to troubleshoot any unwanted elements seamlessly from your vision.
  • We have Photographers trained in our process located on multiple continents for easy access to a range of creative ability!
  • Always included-Unsurpassed customer service.


Photographic Services:

  • Professional Location Photography
  • Digital & Composite (with no additional cost)
  • Highest image quality capture setup available, with our custom designed “perfect registration” mount.
  • Allowing us to shoot multiple frames with exact precision.
  • Instantaneous proofing on location
  • Fastest Multiple Media Output Available In Today’s Market

Whether your show requirements call for a shot of the Oval office from inside the White House or a luminous cityscape five stories high in Paris. You will always receive the utmost in Quality Service and Professionalism.

Contact Drop Shop’s Photography department for your Custom quote today!