Drop Shop travels to your location and visually triangulates and scales elements needed to make your drop. We bring the equipment needed to capture your content, we set up and shoot multiple high resolution photographs- Typically a shoot lasts around 12 hours allowing Drop Shop to capture perfectly aligned day and night images. (lighting equipment is available upon request)

Drop Shop has created our own equipment (not available on the shelves or in stores) to precisely align a TRUE DAY-NIGHT. Not a composite resembling NIGHT using “NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY”. Other providers currently available will composite or impose night images onto the day image with day for night techniques implicated, this does not give you the true look, but only a tightly aligned resemblance.

Drop Shop’s pioneered service is the use of our online secure FTP server that allows you to look at your raw photographs- add your notes, work closely with our Digital Department and preview your backdrop from its beginning stages to its delivery.

Our Digital Department will create a mock sketch while still on location allowing client previews of final looks proofing angles and scales, communicating every step along the way for the most complete customer service satisfaction.

A mock camera view is rendered and provided using a CinemaView program to finalize LAST LOOKS.

A moving image file will be provided- walking you through the true look of the backdrop’s scale and proportions on your set.

All custom Drop purchases include a series of samples (at no additional cost) printed to scale of the Drop allowing the client to conduct camera and lighting test.

Blur and Focal Length test are also included.

Drop Shop has created a simple step down menu of different focal blurs allowing MORE OPTIONS for more control.

Please see our “ORDER SAMPLES” page to have a free sample shipped to your Art Department. We ship nationally and internationally.

Customize an existing Drop to your exact needs.

Some sets require a particular mood or atmosphere, our team of experts can digitally manipulate all of our original photography or stock photo images to your exact specifications.

Our Digital Department will happily edit skies, remove trees or unwanted foliage or plane and car trails, or buildings can be added, or deleted, and altered, to the specified perspective. Cylindrical perspective is what we love!

Smaller sound stages with multiple center camera angles are addressed. Typically where more than one drop would have been produced in the past we produce to your exact needs!

Allow us to fully execute your vision for your productions