Custom Day to Night Translights

Drop Shop Digital’s industry-leading advances in Day to Night Translight printing have set new standards for our predecessors.

Drop Shop Digital’s craftmanship shows in the details when printing a custom Day to Night Translight.

Our Day to Night Translights allow the entire backdrop to portray the setting accurately; this means the amount of artificial light added into a Translight should only result in post-production charges.

Our Translight process results in darker nights and shows extreme detail where it was obscured before.

Our VUTEk GS5500Xr Pro Superwide Inkjet Printer, the produces HD-quality day to night printed drops.

Our VUTEk precisely prints true 600 dpi or 1000 dpi and reveals the most extreme details.

No Banding!

Precision ink placement apportions gradients between shadows, highlights, and mid-tone values to produce the most accurate, balanced definition.

Single-pass multi-layer printing provides a number of added benefits.

Precisely aligning the day to night images during the printing process, allows the use of true night photography.

Color Control

Our VUTEk printer’s ULTRA Drop technology comes with four-level grey scale and two ink density levels to deliver deeper, richer colors from an extensive pallet.

+ Plus white ink technology.

Environmentally Friendly

As part of our eco-friendly commitment, we use less energy with our multi-layer process by lighting our drops from behind to leave a friendlier carbon footprint and lower energy costs for the overall production.

Less VOCs and less power consumption create a sustainable output, producing less waste from start to finish.

All of our drops are printed in-house at our Brooklyn New York facility and at our new location in Burbank California.

Commitment to Excellence

In line with our long-standing commitment to excellence, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to deliver the translight drops that make a superior impact to professional productions. We are the premier drop service to use due to our attention to customer care, treating every customer as the long- term customer we hope they will become.

Quotes and Pricing

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